February 13, 2015

New 300 Barbell Workout

300 Workout Barbell Edition. Great challenge workout to help build muscle, strength endurance and mental toughness. Try this “300 Workout” challenge Perform each exercise for the prescribed reps one after the other with little to no rest in between. Make sure to set up your timer so you can time the length it takes you to Get It Done! Barbell 300 Workout 1. Floor Chest Press – 40 reps 2. Jump Squats – 30 reps 3. Cleans – 30 reps 4. Floor Windshield Wipers – 50 reps ( 25 per side) 5. Bent Over Rows – 30 reps 6. Push Press – 40 reps 7. Power Barbell Sprawls with Curl 40 reps 8. Deadlift – 40 reps

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