January 14, 2015

“The 300 Workout” Bodyweight Edition

The 300 Workout Bodyweight This quick but challenging bodyweight workout you can at home or at the gym. It’s a great HIIT circuit using your bodyweight only and can be used as a stand-alone workout or as a finisher after your main workout or training session. Make sure to keep time so you can try and beat it the next time you do this circuit. Perform each exercise for the prescribed reps as fast as you can. Bodyweight 300 workout Abs In and Outs – 25 reps Jump Squats – 50 reps Pike Push Ups – 25 reps Kick Ups – 50 Reps Burpees – 50 reps Clapping Push Ups – 50 reps Mountain Climbers – 50 reps Click HERE to download your Free 4 Week Spartan Bodyweight program

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