October 14, 2014

AT2 Lactic Acid Threshold Workout (Video)

You hear it everywhere… “It’s all about the afterburn effect” when it comes to burning the most fat from your workouts. Yet, there is one HUGE mistake most people make when it comes to metabolic workouts. They forget to take into account calories burned DURING the training session. You see, why JUST focus on the afterburn effect when you can focus on both calories burned during the workout AND after the workout? Don’t you think that would yield the best results? Of course it would. Well, good news. There is an easy way to make this happen. During your workout, the more lactic acid you can produce, the more fat you will burn not only DURING your workout … But AFTER as well. And the best way to do this is through what my friend, Dennis, calls “AT2” or Anaerobic Threshold Training. Now I will warn you… these workouts are REALLY HARD … but they’re also BRUTALLY effective! AT2 forces your body to rapidly increase the production of lactic acid in your body which then forces your body to burn off stored sugars and fat as energy. So not only will you be burning more fat, you will also be preserving lean muscle. And this is of course the best way for you to train! Check out this quick workout I did yesterday! AT2 Workout Complete all reps before moving to the next! Complete this workout as quickly as possible. • Single Leg Burpee: 7 reps each leg • Clapping Pushups: 10 reps • Burpees: 6 reps each leg • Wide Grip Pushups: 10 reps • Single Leg Burpee: 5 reps each leg • Close Grip Pushups: 10 reps • Burpees: 4 reps each leg • Judo Pushups: 10 reps • Single Leg Burpee: 3 reps each leg • Staggered Pushups: 10 reps • Single Leg Burpee: 2 reps each leg • T-Push Ups 10 reps • Burpees: 1 reps each leg Workout Goal: Your goal is to beat your time each time you do this finisher. Funk Times – 7:40

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