December 16, 2013

Eat Fat To Burn Fat – Article

Learn how eating fat can help you to burn fat from my good friend, former pro soccer player, Mr Universe and top Personal Trainer in Ireland, Darragh Hayes Article from Darragh Hayes - Personal Training is great Job, now when I say the word “Job” I don’t mean it, the word job that is in the literal sense. Can you really call something you love doing and get so much satisfaction from a “Job”? I can’t, I love what I do and changing people’s lives for the better is an amazing feeling! A Personal Trainer is not just someone who is there to train you but to construct a whole new you. This starts firstly by addressing your Nutrition. Did you know whether your goal is Fat loss or gaining muscle 80% of your battle is your diet! Too many people focus on training firstly and don’t actually realize that you will initially lose weight just simply by changing your diet and cutting out the crap or you will gain muscle by eating more! Believe it or believe it not but you can eat FAT for FATLOSS!! You WILL burn MORE fat if you take more in. I don’t mean go home and start cooking with heaps of cooking oil, no! There are specific kinds of oils you need to take for Fatloss! Omega 3 Oils, EFA’s or Essential Fatty Acids promotes your fat burning fire and increases the body’s ability to utilise stored carbohydrate as fuel. How cool is that? You can get your “Good Fats” or Omega 3 oils from various foods and supplements such as Oily fish. ie Omega 3′s “Good Fats” are derived from seafood such as EPA and DHA, cold water fish, ie. Salmon, Sardines, Herring and Mackeral and other foods such as Milled Flaxseed or Linseeds, Canola Oils, Nuts such as Almonds, Cashews, Brazil, Pistachios and Seeds etc.. There is also grass fed organic beef (which has a lower content of Omega3) and eggs  make sure they are Omega 3 DHA eggs!             Omega 3 Fish For Fatloss You may or may not have read something on this before if you were browsing through a diet website online or Fitness magazine but yes it is actually true! As you know I have a pretty Low Carb Diet so I take in plenty of “Good Fats” in order to consistently burn fat and I also use fat as my energy source while I’m training, yes I use FAT rather than Carbs!             As it’s hard to consume the amount of Omega 3 necessary through food I take fish oil supplements in order to consume the kind of amounts I need! Omega 3 Fish Oils Some studies say that Krill Oil is actually a better supplement source than your typical omega 3 fish oil supplements. In research studies it’s suggested that the phospholipids, astaxanthin and vitamins and minerals specifically in krill oil work in combination with the omega 3 to create and all round better and stronger effect which means you use less too!     Omega 3 Krill Oil for Fatloss In one research study Omega3 Krill Oil was tested on men and women in comparison to your average Omega3 fish oils and guess what came out on top? Krill Oil! Don’t get me wrong, your normal omeg3 tabs are good but Krill Oil are just that little bit better for you! Anyway.. They were given to men and women with high LDL Cholesterol and triglycerides, which is a known risk factor for heart disease. After the 90 day trial the proof was in the pudding so to speak.           Omega3 Krill oil at its lowest dosage significantly reduced LDL Cholesterol (bad Cholesterol) and increased HDL Cholesterol (good Cholesterol) compared to normal fish oil supplements! The average fish oils barely lowered cholesterol and failed to lower triglycerides at all! Below is a chart showing how more effective Krill oil is in comparison to Fish Oil with equal to lower dosages ->           Krill Fish Oil V Fish Oil               Components of Krill Oil Eat fat and lose fat.. This is the way it works. If you want to burn fat you need to take in more essential fatty acids, you also need to stagger your calorie intake, when you are in a calorific deficit and you have fatty acids in your blood stream you then use them, the FATS as energy to fuel you! Hence you will burn even MORE bodyfat.. how cool  Omega 3 fatty acids are hugely important during the fat burning process, remember the fatty acids you take in are used as energy in the fat burning process. This is called Beta Oxidation and is required to burn fat even if you’re in a state of fasting. You can also take omega 3 fats with your meals as this will lower the glycemic load of the food.. what this means is, if you’re eating a meal consisting of anything that will spike your insulin levels, the omega 3 fatty acids will help to lower the levels of the spike. So whether your goals involve getting bigger, getting shredded or maintaining you should never avoid taking your Omega3 polyunsaturated fats! Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEF
Personal Trainer Dublin |Cover Model Body Personal Training
The ABS Gym in Temple Bar, Dublin 2 -  

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