September 10, 2013

STS Success Story: Laszlo’s Journey From Torn ACL to Ripped Spartan Warrior! (PICS)

“Doing a pushup was impossible and painful as hell” I love to share success stories and Laszlo’s is incredible. Not only did he use the Spartan Training System 10 Week Fat Loss program to get ripped while building more muscle, but he also recovered from a torn ACL and doubted that he would ever be able to do the exercises and metabolic workouts again. Check out his email message below and pictures of his journey Hey Funk, Finally, I have finished your 10-week Spartan Training. It was hard, it was tough, but it was the best thing I’ve ever done or tried out in the gym. We cheated a little bit with the 10 weeks, because we held an extra week with your Kick Ass workout and your 300-dumbbell challenge workout, but I think the results are great. Before the 10-week programme I’ve tried out the 300-dumbbell challenge and my time was 14:15 with a 10 kg dumbbell. After the 10-week programme I’ve done it again and my time was 16:45 with a 16 kg dumbbell. When I’ve torn my ACL a year ago in august and I was only able to walk with a pair of crutches (you can see those times on the third picture), I haven’t thought that one day I will be able to do exercises like this again. My leg was so unstable, that doing a pushup was impossible and painful as hell, but then I’ve found your YouTube channel and your blog, a year passed by and now I am in better shape then ever. I am stronger than ever and now I am qualified Fitness Instructor as well. It would have been impossible without your workout program, nutrition plan and motivation. I just would like to thank you once again for creating these awesome workouts for us and teaching the world how to live, train and eat much healthier. You are a real icon Funk, thank you once again! Greetings from Hungary!                 Best regards, László Kiripóczky LEARN HOW YOU CAN GET INTO THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE WITH SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM 10 WEEK FAT LOSS PROGRAM – CLICK HERE

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