June 28, 2013

New Spartan “M3” Attack Workout (Video)

3 MISTAKES YOU ARE MAKING STOPPING YOU FROM GETTING RIPPED Those are the kinds of physiques a lot men work hard in the to strive for. Now, maybe you don’t get your pictures taken on the red carpet like celebrities do… but I’m sure you want to look good in pictures that get posted on Facebook, right? Bottom line, if you’re serious about building lean muscle while actually losing fat, I can help you get in the leanest, most muscular shape of your life. Spartan “M3” Attack Workout  (Workout Details below) It’s tough to get in shape though. I get that. If it was easy to get an amazing body… everyone would look like fitness models. Now, it IS true that some people can work out once in a while and eat just about anything they want… and STILL look amazing. But the honest reality is… most people see NO results. When I say “most”, I mean like 97% of everyone who goes to the gym or attempts a nutrition plan. Perhaps you’ve already experienced this? The odds are over that you have. Maybe you know what it’s like to spend hours in the gym, working out like mad… only to smash into a brick wall time and time again. You do your best to keep at it… you keep hitting the weights or watching what you eat… but regardless, you just don’t get where you want I’ll show you the 3 big mistakes that kept me from getting the lean and ripped physique I wanted. I bet you’re making them too. It’s why you continue to look the same, week after week, no matter how many hours you work out Remember how I said there were 3 big mistakes I was making? Here are the 3 biggest mistakes that held me back and are holding you back from putting on the muscle and losing the fat you deserve. Mistake number 1: Thinking that traditional weight training will help you pack on the most muscle One of the biggest mistakes I made was lifting the same amount of weight over and over again for years. I learned exactly how to change this so I was able to start packing on lean muscle mass in a very short time. My brand new “M3” Metabolic Muscle Method uses progressive overload… which is the primary trigger for building muscle. See, in order for a muscle to grow… it must be forced to grow with heavier weight. When you force it to grow by using progressive overload… your muscles have to adapt. And it does that by adding lean muscle mass! Progressive Overload Is the Fastest WAY to Pack On Lean Muscle! If you lift the same weight for the same number of reps, your body will never change. If you’ve been using the same weights, it’s no wonder you haven’t gained muscle! My “M3” approach increases the demands you’re placing on your muscles. By increasing demands on your body, you start adding more lean muscle to your body. Mistake number 2: Thinking Isolation Exercises Will Help You Get “Cut” and Build a Lean, Ripped, Muscular Physique Using Isolation exercises will NOT help you gain muscle because you can’t really use the most weight possible with isolation exercises. In fact, you’ll use less weight because it’s harder to lift heavier weights when you’re isolating your muscles. But that’s not all. Isolation exercises do NOT stimulate the release of growth hormone. That’s why my “M3” approach uses compound exercises with resistance. Research shows that full body metabolic workouts will produce more growth hormone so you build more muscle. You’ve got to work out in a way that boosts your level of HGH production naturally—making the muscle building process faster and more efficient. Research shows that the most effective way to increase GH production is to use full-body exercises. Full-body exercises demand more muscles to be used at the same time. This places significant stress on the body, which responds by producing more HGH. Isolated exercises simply won’t recruit enough muscle fibers to stimulate significant GH Mistake number 3: Thinking Long Bouts of Cardio get you ripped This is another huge mistake I used to make… spending hours a week on the Treadmill. But I’ve since learned that long, slow, boring cardio like jogging or using cardio machines are the worst way to lose fat! Long bouts of cardio can actually promote muscle breakdown and losing muscle decreases your body’s fat burning ability. If you want to burn the most fat in the shortest time possible, you have to increase your lean muscle mass… which will also skyrocket your metabolism and burn off more fat! Muscle mass requires a lot of energy to maintain… and it gets this energy from burning off stored body fat! This means the more muscle you have the more fat you burn! You also need to increase your resting heart rate, or metabolism… which is only done with short bursts of intense exercise. High intensity training sessions will burn fat up to 36 hours after you’re done. This is known as Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) or the “After-burn Effect” The After-burn Effect Doubles Fat Loss in Half the Time! My “M3” approach uses high intensity exercises to keep your metabolism elevated for up to 36 hours. After these workouts… your body’s metabolism is very high. Basically because you’re resting at this time your body is tapping into the fat stores for energy through oxygen. This literally turns you into a fat burning furnace, even if you’re just lying on the couch. Are You Making any of These Same Mistakes? Guys, if you’re trying to get ripped using long bouts of cardio… you will NOT burn enough calories or increase your metabolism. And if you’re doing the same traditional weight training workouts with the same exercises…using isolation exercises… you’re not going to gain muscle. If you do these same things, day in and day out… you won’t see any change. You just can’t lose your stubborn fat doing the same cardio workouts. You can’t gain muscle by doing the same isolation exercises. But you CAN get ripped and muscular using my new scientific proven “M3” approach You CAN cut your training time in half while revving up your metabolism, doubling your fat loss while adding lean muscle. Now that you know the truth behind the 3 biggest mistakes holding you back from gaining lean muscle quickly and losing fat in less time…it’s time to show you what DOES work. “M3” – Metabolic Muscle Method Produces Results Fast… This triple pronged approach releases powerful HGH, progressively overloads your muscles to promote muscle growth, and use the Afterburn effect to burn fat 24/7. Prong 1 is the “Progressive Overload Principle” Prong 2 is the “After burn Effect for Fat Loss” Prong 3 is the release of “Growth Hormones by Using Compound Exercises and High Intensity Workouts” This is the 3-pronged attack for unlocking more muscle growth and fat loss than you thought possible. This training program combines progressive overload with High Intensity workouts that release growth hormone so you can pack on muscle while burning fat. The intense workouts also increase your metabolism so you burn fat… and will also stimulate growth hormone release to help you build a ripped, muscular body. The combination of these three variables is scientifically proven to explode lean muscle growth while you lose fat. Here is a sample type of workout solution using my M3 approach that I’ve used on thousands of clients who get amazing results, muscular, lean, ripped and in the best shape of their lives. Try and you will blast through those training mistakes and start to pack on serious lean muscle while losing a ton of fat. Spartan “M3” Attack Workout Perform 10 Exercises one after the other with no rest in between for the specified timed intervals. After you complete all 10 exercises rest for 2 minutes and move on to the next round. Round 1 – 30 Seconds of Work followed by 15 Seconds rest Round 2 – 45 Seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest Round 3 – 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest Make sure you do a warm up (dynamic) first and a complete full body stretch (static) after Good Luck and Get It Done! 1. Kettlebell High Swings or Kettlebell Swings 2. Plyo Clapping Push Ups 3. Bent Over Rows 4. DB Jumping Lunges – Plyo Split Squats 5. Stability Ball Roll Ups 6. DB Clean and press 7. Hindu Push ups 8. Kettlebell Goblet Squats 9. Plank and DB Side Raises 10. Burpees

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