June 19, 2013

3 Reasons Cardio is Making You Fat

  After you’re done reading this you are going STOP THE INSANITY of long boring cardio sessions and learn the most effective way to burn a ton of calories, increase your fat burning metabolism while keeping your hard earned muscle. So let’s start with the 3 Reasons why Cardio is making your fat.  
  1. You’re Not Burning Enough Calories – Doing regular cardio sessions will at best allow us to burn 300 calories in 45 minutes. (And that’s on machines that are not very accurate at estimating metabolic rate or calories burned).  The problem with that is, once you are finished your session so does the calorie burn.  That’s a lot of work to burn only 300 calories at best.
  2. Cortisol Increase – Did you know that doing long cardio sessions will elevate your production of cortisol, which is the stress hormone.  Increased cortisol levels will causes you to store more fat than burning it. High cortisol level is also the main culprit for belly fat.
  3.  Cardio Eats Away Your Lean Muscle Mass – Remember when I told you how cortisol increases fat storage, it can also promote muscle breakdown, which eats away at your lean muscle mass. The less muscle you have the slower your metabolism will be, and the harder it will be for your body to burn fat.
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