May 4, 2013

Super Spartan Saturday Workout – SuperHero Workout and Kettlebell Finisher

Today I have a full workout routine for you in honor of Super Heroes! This weekend is the release of Iron Man 3 and I thought it would be cool to set up a routine that combines an older but effective Super Spartan Workout followed by my brand new Kettlebell Ladder Finisher. Get your Superhero on while you crank up the metabolism to burn fat and increase your overall strength and muscle. All workouts sessions must start with a warm up and end with a full body stretch for speed recover and injury prevention. Use the below if you do not have your own. Pre-Workout Dynamic Warm Up  – Pre Workout Dynamic Stretch – Post Workout Stretch Routine – Super Spartan Workout   Kettlebell Finisher Funk Roberts Super Spartan Workout Workout Instructions 10 Exercise Circuit — 45-15 Intervals – Complete 3 Full Rounds – 36 Minutes Perform each exercise in succession for 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. You will complete as many reps as you can with good form. Make sure you move rapidly through the reps
. 1. Captain America Kettlebell Swings 3:39 2. Hulk Tuck Jumps 4:02 3. Spiderman Pushups 4:14 4. Thor Explosive Kettlebell Rows 4:38 5. Dark Knight Squat and Press 4:59 6. Wolverine Woodchoppers Left 5:18 7. Wolverine Woodchoppers Right 5:35 8. Iron Man Alternate Reverse Lunge and Knee Strike 5:51 9. Superman Body Saw Planks 6:15 10. Batman Burpee and Hanging Knee Raises 6:26 GET YOUR SUPERHERO FAT LOSS PROGRAM HERE: KETTLEBELL LADDER FINISHER HOW TO PERFORM THIS KETTLEBELL FINISHER Complete the following ladder circuit for 5 minutes resting briefly only when needed. Set up 3 different weighted kettlebells in front of one another (make sure they increase in weight) – For example – 12kg-16kg-24kg You will perform 1 rep of each movement one after the other using one arm and immediately switching to the other. Once you have finished, move up to the next weight and repeat the sequence. When you have finished the final kettlebell in the ladder, then go back down to the next weight and continue in the fashion moving up and down the weights until 5 minutes is complete. Exercise 1-Arm Kettlebell Snatch-Press 1 Arm Clean and Press

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