May 2, 2013

Ocean Bloom Metabolic Bootcamp Workout (Funk Roberts version)

  Had the opportunity to hook up with Fitness Superstar Ocean Bloom in Thaialnd. Ocean is a former World Champion Fitness Competitor, Yoga Instructor, Bootcamp Trainer and Celebrity Yoga and Fitness Leader. I was extremely impressed with the size of her daily Body Fit, CrossFit and Yoga classes with 45-70 participants per class. Incredible. Tiger Muay Thai has now become a mecca for people that want to lose weight, burn fat, get or stay fit with fitness classes and beginner to advanced Muay Thai training sessions. Most of the people that go to Tiger Muay Thai are there to enjoy beautiful country of Thailand while getting into the best shape of their lives. Metabolic Bootcamp Workout inspired by Ocean’s Body Fit Bootcamp in Thailand. I took 10 exercises from Ocean’s awesome circuit and created a metabolic workout. Perform each exercise for 45 seconds followed by 15-second rest. Rest for 90 seconds and repeat the circuit for a total of 3 rounds. Complete as many reps as possible for each interval moving briskly through each movement with good form) Exercise List 1. Kettlebell Swings – (Cardio, Lower Body, Glutes, Hips and Legs) 2. Mountain Climber Push Ups – (Cardio, Upper Body, Core, Chest, Shoulders) 3. Burpees – (Full Body, Explosive, Cardio) 4. Abs Hip Thrusts – (Hips, Core, Lower Abs) 5. Reverse Lunges – (Quads, Adductors, Legs) 6. Low Bench Runs (Toe Taps) – (Cardio, Glutes, Explosiveness, Fast Twitch Muscles) 7. Plate Crab Walks – (Core, Triceps, Glutes, Shoulders) 8. Plyo Drop Squats (Finger Touch the Ground) 9. Fast Resistance Band Curls – (Biceps and Core) 10. Dumbbell Deadlifts to Front Kicks (Cardio, Back, Hips, Glutes, Legs) Other Exercises: Skipping, DB Shoulder Raise, DB Triceps Extensions and Kickback combo, Sprints, Step ups, Dumbbell Squat Pulls, Check out World Champion Fitness Champion, Yoga Instructor and Bootcamp Training Ocean Bloom’s Fitness and Yoga Retreat in Thailand. For More information: To apply or inquire please email us at Please visit Download Full PDF Brochure Website: YouTube: Ocean Bloom | Celebrity Yoga & Fitness Leader | The Ultimate Fitness & Yoga Retreats | Together we go places we wouldn’t go Alone!

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