February 24, 2013

Post Workout Banana-Berry Smoothie for Athletes, Building Lean Muscle and Fat Loss

This drink will start the recovery process quicker and keeps your fat burning metabolism going. Body needs carbs and protein so it can recover and repair muscles Smoothie Recipe and Directions Water 1 cup Ice Cubes – 5 ice cubes Prograde Post Workout 2 scoops – 31g carbs – 14g proteins (Protein and Carbs) Almond Butter – 1 tsp – (Healthy Fats) Wild Berries ½ cup (Antioxidants, immune booster, fast source of energy) Grapes – ½ cup (Vitamin A,C and essential minerals- potassium, iron, magnesium) Banana – 1 (Potassium) Directions: Put all ingredients in a blender and enjoy   banana - berry -smoothie4 Reasons You Must Have Post Workout Drink After Training/Workout If your goal is to burn fat, while building lean muscle or you are an athlete that trains at high intensity, then you MUST have a post workout drink (or meal) that consists of at least 2 to 1 Carbs to Protein (3 to 1 is preferred). Having just a protein shake ONLY is not good enough and will diminish any chances of you reaching your fitness goals. 1. Catabolism -Body is in catabolism and need carbs so that you are not burning the muscle protein that you just spent time building 2. Glycogen – Body needs to restore the glycogen stores burnt during your training or workout session. Body uses glycogen as energy and when that is gone, it turns to fat as it’s source of energy and starts burn FAT, which is Good. If you do not restore your glycogen (through simple carbs) then your body will immediately stop burning fat, hold on to it and start to burn your muscles instead 3. Protein –Your body and muscles need to be fed protein for recovery and muscle repair 4. Insulin – You need to spike Insulin (through simple carbs) to help transfer the protein to the muscles quickly and efficiently Get Prograde Nutrition CLICK HERE – http://funkroberts.getprograde.com (Canada, US, International)  

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