January 18, 2013


I read this great article from my friend and Holistic Nutritionist, Yuri Elkaim, just before we cleaned out our pantry and fridge off the sweets and junk that seemed to pile up over the holidays a couple of weeks ago So I wanted to share this with you. From the desk of Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN Owner and Founder Elkaim Health Fitness Solutions, Inc. Creator of Total Wellness Cleanse Program Have you ever stopped to think about whether some of the 
foods that you’ve been told are GOOD for you; might 
actually be causing more damage to your health? I know it’s not something we all think about 
but I want to share 3 so-called health 
foods with you that actually damage your health! I’m sure you’ll find this helpful. “Not-so-Good” Health Food #1 – Unfermented Soy

 Soy is one of the highest food sources of protein 
but that’s about all it’s got going for it,
especially in its unfermented form. The problem with soy boils down to the fact that
it is a very powerful source of phytoestrogens, 
which elevate the estrogen levels in your body. This is a big problem nowadays as we are seeing
more and more people develop “estrogen dominance”
related problems like endometriosis, ovarian
cysts, and general weight gain – just to name a
 few. Since estrogen promotes cell division/growth it is
also a stimulating factor in the development of 
many types of cancer. Not great if you ask me.

The other issue with soy is that it suppresses
 your thyroid. These “goitrogenic” properties reduce
your thyroid function and thus your overall

Since the thyroid is the master gland
of metabolism, any disruption to it will
inevitably cause you to pack on the pounds. On the flip side, fermented soy products like
 tempeh and miso are OK to eat and are actually 
really good for you. But it’s the processed,
unfermented versions of soy (tofu, soy milk,
etc…) that are readily available in almost 
ALL of our processed foods that are the big problem. “Not-s o-Good” Health Food #2 – “Low-Fat”, “Low-Sugar”, “Diet”
I recommend that you steer clear of
 packaged foods. Mainly because they are made by 
companies that have no interest in your health. Case in point – any packaged food that is labeled
”low fat”, “low sugar”, “diet”, or any other
marker of processing. Remember this – when a food has had ALL or SOME of
 its original contents removed, these will need be
 replaced by another (and usually nastier)
additive. For instance, “sugar free” yogurt and diet sodas
may have few calories because they don’t have any
 sugar but they do have a ton of aspartame and
acesulfame K – TWO deadly neurotoxins that account
for over 75% of ALL health complaints that the FDA

 If you’re going to eat something out of a package
or box, make sure it’s REGULAR. End of story. “Not-so-Good” Health Food #3 – Whole Grains 

What?!? “But what about my Cheerios,” you might be saying. This is one of the biggest farces of our time.
We’ve been told to eat whole grains because they
 are good for us. They are great source of fiber 
and other vitamins. Well that’s not completely accurate.

Here’s the problem….

Humans have not evolved to properly digest grains.
It doesn’t matter if we’re talking white pasta,
whole wheat or multigrain bread, or cheerios… Your digestive tract does not know how to handle
 grains. Sure some cultures may fair better than
 others but isn’t it interesting that MOST weight 
loss diets tell you to avoid grains??? Other than helping you lose weight quickly,
removing grains will also reduce the irritation and thus potential inflammation caused by gluten
 (a problematic protein found in grains). We’ve now seen that gluten is at the root cause
of numerous autoimmune disorders, leaky gut, 
food allergies, skin breakouts, and weight gain. 

To avoid gluten; choose pseudo grains like quinoa, 
amaranth, millet, and buckwheat. These grains don’t 
contain gluten and are a much better source of protein 
and important minerals. Nonetheless, reducing your consumption of ALL grains 
will better your chances of losing weight and looking 
great. There are also number of other foods that are not
great for your health (8 to be exact) and I will show 
exactly which ones they are, how to replace them, and how to purify your body for easier weight loss and
all-day energy with my TOTAL WELLNESS CLEANSE program. Considering it’s the new year, I thought you’d benefit 
from this information since there’s no better time 
to cleanse your body than now…or maybe in 12 hours 
from now 🙂 Your friend and coach, Yuri ACCESS YOUR TOTAL WELLNESS CLEANSE CLICK HERE

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