November 26, 2012


Use this workout as a finisher after your main training or MMA session. This is the Ultimate cardio and conditioning circuit. Perform the Burpee Workout as a Finisher. Each exercise is 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. Complete one after the other until the circuit is done. Total Workout Time 10 Minutes. Ultimate Burpee Finisher #3 1. Burpee Grasshoppers 2. Pistol Squat Burpees — One Legged Squat Burpees 3. Burpee Alternate Plank Side Rotations 4. Burpee and Alternating Jump Lunges 5. BOSU Ball Burpees 6. Burpee Knee Taps (Tuck Jump Burpees) 7. Med Ball Burpees 20lbs 8. Burpee Meet the Queens 9. Side to Side Running Burpees 10. Dumbbell Burpees BURPEE FINISHER 1 – BURPEE FINISHER 2 – BURPEE WORKOUT 1 – BURPEE WORKOUT 2 – HOW TO: BURPEES – FUNK GYMBOSS TIMER:  

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