November 22, 2012


TRX Workout Circuit Finisher with Funk Roberts and Flex Marks (Workout Details below) Funk and Flex take you through a TRX Circuit Finisher that you can after your main workout. Five exercises that you will perform for 30 seconds of work with 10 seconds transition time. Do each exercise one after the other and then repeat the circuit with no rest in between. TRX Finisher targets your core, chest, upper and lower body, explosiveness, balance stability and overall strength. TRX FINISHER CIRCUIT 5 Exercise Circuit — Perform each exercise one after the other for 30 seconds of work followed by 10-second transition time. Go through the circuit two times without rest, as a finisher. Workout Time — 8 Minutes (with rest intervals) TRX Exercise List 1. TRX Push Up and Chest Flyes 2. TRX Side-to-Side Plyo Skater Lunges 3. TRX Superman’s 4. TRX Single Leg Meet the Queen and Pistol Squat – Right 5. TRX Single Leg Meet the Queen and Pistol Squat — Left 6. TRX Standing Rows and Twist GET YOUR TRX SUSPENSION TRAINER — CLICK LINK – GET YOUR FUNK GYMBOSS TIMER: Connect with Funk Roberts Website (Main): Facebook (Main): Subscribe to this Channel: Twitter: @funkrobertsfit Connect with Flex Marks Website (Main): YouTube: Facebook: Twiiter: Connect with SST: (Sports Specific Training) Canada Oakville:

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