November 13, 2012


METABOLIC FAT BURN WORKOUT #1 10 Exercise Circuit – 50-10 Intervals – Complete 3 Full Rounds – 36 Minutes Perform each exercise for 50 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest. You will complete as many reps as you can with good form. Make sure you move rapidly through the reps doing as many reps as possible with good form Exercise List incl modifications 1. Jumping Box Squats – Box Squat – 2. Kettlebell Pivot Swings – KB-DB Side to Side Press Outs 3. Side to Side Plyo Pushups – Side to Side Push Ups 4. Chin Ups – Reverse Pulls 5. Dumbbell Box Step Ups and Reverse Lunge – Low Box Step Up and Reverse Lunge 6. Wall Push 7. Low Box Burpees to Box Jumps – Low Box Burpees 8. Plank and DB Side Raise – Plank and Alternating Side Raise 9. DB Sumo Deadlift, Clean and Press – DB Sumo Deadlift 10. Low Box Runners – Faux Skipping 2 Reasons Metabolic Training is great for burning fat while building lean muscle 1. RMR – The amount of energy your body expends to stay alive. It only includes the calories you burn at rest. Increases your Resting Metabolic Rate by helping you build lean muscle. Muscle is the most metabolic tissue in the body. The more muscle you have the higher your Resting Metabolic Rate and the more calories you are going to burn while you are at rest. Why is your RMR important? It accounts for 60-75% of your daily calorie burning. More muscle equals a faster metabolism and less body fat. 75-80% of your RMR is determined by your muscle mass. 2. HGH – Human Growth Hormone –Metabolic workouts are performed at high intensity for short interval periods. The work capacity forces our body to produce power. The more power you produce the more HGH your body secretes. HGH helps the body build more muscle while burning more fat.

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