November 13, 2012


ARM BLASTER FINISHER – BUILD BIG ARMS FAST! Great 4 minute finisher to end off a training session or to help bring up lagging body parts. Perform each exercise for 60 seconds one after the other with no rest in between. Make sure you kneel on the ground during the workout and ensure your core is tight, shoulders are back and body is upright. Kneeling forces your core to engage. Use light manageable weight. DO NOT PUT DOWN THE DUMBBELLS You can do this Finisher one arm at a time, while kneeling for 60 seconds of work each exercise. (The Finisher will take 8 Minutes). Using single-arm, while kneeling will activate the oblique’s more, as they have to engage to keep your body straight and upright. Exercises 1. Dumbbell Triceps Extensions 2. Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3. Dumbbell Hammer Curls 4. Dumbbell Man Maker Curls

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