October 6, 2012

CARDIO WORKOUT – Angela Mile Workout #3 and Challenge

CARDIO AND CORE Here is yet another awesome circuit for those that are bored of plain old ineffective cardio session in the gym. Angela’s Mile Workout #3 combines 1 Mile runs on the treadmill with core/abs exercises. This circuit is challenging but effective at helping you burn fat and strengthen the midsection. ANGELA MILE WORKOUT #3 Perform all 3 sets one after the other with minimal rest in between. Each set Contains a one mile run and 3 Exercise with reps. Run on the Treadmill for one mile at a brisk pace (above 5.5mph)* and then complete the prescribed reps for each exercise. You must complete all reps in the circuit before moving to the next set. *The speed on the treadmill depends on your current cardiovascular level. You can adjust the speed as you run.   ANGELA MILE WORKOUT #3 SET 1 1 MILE RUN — Brisk Pace Inverted Push Ups or Regular Push Ups — 100 reps Flutter Kicks — 100 reps Toes to bar or Hanging Leg raises– 50 reps SET 2 1 MILE RUN — Brisk Pace Lying Leg Raises — 100 reps Judo Pushups — 100 reps Hanging Alternating Single Knee Ups or Lying Single Crunches — 100 reps (50 per side) SET 3 1 Mile Run – Brisk Pace Side Plank raise — 100 (50 per side) Abs Wheel Roll Out — 100 reps Full Abs Spring Ups /Abs Spring Ups — 100 reps Take the Angela Mile Challenge Over the next 8 weeks use the Mile Workouts as your cardio session at the gym (at least 2-3x per week) and follow the below schedule. Also clean up your nutrition to help you burn more fat, lose more weight and build more lean muscle by using Joel Marion’s Xtreme Fat Loss Diet (XFLD) solution below – http://tinyurl.com/XFLD-SPARTA-ABS ANGELA MILE WORKOUT #2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON2v_Lip8OE ANGELA MILE WORKOUT #1 http://youtu.be/B9KRN8f8T1M ANGELA 8 WEEK MILE CHALLENGE Take your before pics and measurements WEEK 1 – ANGELA WORKOUT 1 WEEK 3 – ANGELA WORKOUT 2 WEEK 4 ANGELA WORKOUT 3 WEEK 4 – YOUR CHOICE WEEK 5 – ANGELA WORKOUT 1 WEEK 6 – ANGELA WORKOUT 2 WEEK 7 – ANGELA WORKOUT 3 WEEK 8 – YOUR CHOICE Take your after photos and send both your before/after pics to funkroberts@gmail.com

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