August 11, 2012

Sparta 300 Upper Body Workout

Looking to increase your upper body power and strength? I did this 300 rep circuit a couple of nights ago and it was a killer, but my upper body and chest felt MASSIVE! Using big lifts, compound movements and explosive exercises equal big strength gains and big fat loss. They also release large amounts of anabolic hormones like growth hormone and testosterone! (See below for full benefits and muscle focus for each exercise) Sparta 300 Upper Body Workout for Power and Strength – This is a moderate to advanced workout. As one round, perform 10 reps of each exercise one after the other with no rest between. Rest for 60-90 seconds before repeating this circuit. Try to complete 3 rounds of the circuit. Each Round is 100 total reps. Complete 3 rounds for 300 reps (Sparta 300). The weight indicates is what Funk used during this circuit. Use challenging weight but start the first round with a lower weight. EXERCISE LIST 1. Power Biceps Curls — 95 lbs — 10 reps 2. Barbell Pushups — 10 reps 3. Barbell Mountain Climbers – 10 reps 4. Dumbbell High Pulls — 50lbs — 10 reps 5. Parallel Bar Dips — 10 reps 6. Dumbbell Clean and Press — 50lbs — 10 reps 7. Alternating Dumbbell Floor press — 50lbs — 10 reps 8. Renegade Rows — 50lbs — 10 reps 9. Walkouts — 10 reps 10. Chin Ups — 10 reps (See below for full benefits and muscle focus for each exercise) Exercise Details 1. Power Biceps Curls — 95lbs — 10 reps Got this exercise from world renowned strength and conditioning Coach Martin Rooney of  I did this with 95 pounds on the bar, and is a great way to stimulate the arms and core. This exercise not only builds explosive pulling power but can put on some mass to the arms.  2. Barbell Pushups — 10 reps This is a great pushup variation for core stability, shoulder and grip strength and chest development. By keeping the bar steady and preventing it from rolling you are using  many of your stabilizing muscles are engaged before even beginning the movement 3. Barbell Mountain Climbers – 10 reps This exercise develops lower body explosive power and quickness as well as core and upper body strength. Added this movement while the chest is pre-exhausted to help you focus on core and upper body stability while performing an explosive movement.  4. Dumbbell High Pulls – 50lbs – 10 reps This explosive full body movement puts the emphasis on the rear delts at the top of the movement.  The dumbbell hang high pull works the core muscles, shoulders, and traps. Be sure to keep your head up and torso erect.  5. Parallel Bar Dips — 10 reps The pectorals major muscle of the chest is the primary muscle that is worked during parallel bar dips. Your shoulders, the triceps and the lats muscles in the back are targeted.  Your traps muscle in the upper back is activated as a stabilizing muscle during parallel bar dips 6. Dumbbell Clean and Press — 50lbs — 10 reps One of my favourite power and explosive exercises that rock the Shoulders, biceps and triceps.  You want to go really heavy with this movement using your momentum to clean the dumbbells and if needed a little squat and press.  This is a real killer dynamic and powerful movement.  7. Alternating Dumbbell Floor Press — 50lbs — 10 reps Although right off the bat you make think this is a pure chest, you can add some serious size to your triceps as with this exercise.  Because you are lying on the floor, it limits your range of motion, shifting the emphasis more to your triceps than your chest, and it allows you to use heavier weights than you ever could with exercises that simply isolate your triceps like press downs or extensions.  The result is a arm blasting exercise that will help you grow you triceps fast than ever before.  8. Renegade Rows — 50lbs — 10 reps This rowing exercise is another stellar upper body exercise that great for building a strong core, stable shoulders and rotator cuff and low back great strength. You can also help with stamina to help the pushup position without sagging your hips.  You should be adding Renegade rowing variations to every workout session.  9. Walkouts/Plank walkouts — 10 reps I like this exercise because it builds strength in your anterior core, lats and upper body very quickly.  It also trains the abs isometrically and it’s an excellent alternative to the abs-wheel rollout.  Plus, the hand walkout will boost your squat and deadlift by augmenting the transfer of force between your legs and upper body. 10. Chin Ups — 10 reps I will never understand why everyone excludes chin up/pull ups variations in their training. These should be a staple in EVERY SINGLE workout.  I guess people neglect this exercise because they look to the path of least resistance. But if you want superior results, then there is NO QUESTION that chin-ups/pull ups must be in your program. This is a closed kinetic chain exercise way more effective than an open kinetic exercise like lats pull-down. Chin ups are great for upper body and biceps growth.   

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