March 31, 2012


HOW TO BURN MORE FAT WITH THE AFTERBURN EFFECT WHY METABOLIC WORKOUTS BURN MORE FAT AND CALORIES THAN REGULAR CARDIO AT THE GYM! In the video above I spoke about SPARTAN Workouts or High Intensity Interval Training is amazing for burning fat due in part to EPOC. Physiological Effect to High Intensity Training such as my Spartan or Metabolic Workouts is known as Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). High intensity interval circuit workouts place such an intense demand on the system that it takes your body up to 36 hours to work its way back to homeostasis (a normal state). This is essentially how much additional energy the body burns off above and beyond the calories burned off during the workout session in order to recover properly. After a metabolic workout your body’s metabolism is very high. Basically because you are resting at this time your body is tapping into the fat stores for energy through oxygen. Oxygen as you know burns fat. Your body takes a lot longer to recovery after metabolic workouts due to the fact that you work at such a high intensity for short period of time combining resistance training and cardio movements. Therefore your body is burning fat for a longer period. Science shows that your body can burn fat up to 36 after a HIIT workout (Spartan) – THAT’S GREAT! This literally turns you into a calorie and fat incinerating furnace, even if you’re just lying on the couch or on YouTube. On the flip side, after a long and boring 45-60 minutes duration on the elliptical or exercise machine at the gym, because you are not exercising at high level (per say) your EPOC or post workout metabolism is not that high nor does not last very long. – THAT’S NOT SO GREAT! Let’s compare: A) 30-40 minute metabolic workout burns fat for 24-36 hours after workout B) 45-60 minute duration on an exercise machine for traditional cardio workout burns fat 30-45 minutes after if you are lucky. DO YOU WANT TO BURN FAT? DO METABOLIC WORKOUTS! Check out Shin Ohtake website and workouts –

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