December 31, 2011


BEST HANGOVER REMEDY Happy New Years and I hope you are have or are ringing it in with a BIG BANG! For those that plan on being hung-over New Year’s Day but want to recover fast, watch this video on the best Hang Over Remedy that I shot this in Thailand after an a historic night of adventures. I was hung-over and had to train muay thai twice that day so I needed something that worked. WATCH THE VIDEO TO FIND OUT THE FUNK’S REMEDY HOW TO BE PREPARED WITH FRUIT Speaking of fruit being the best hangover food, it is also paramount in fat loss. Here is an easy way to make sure you get the proper amount of fruit on a daily basis. Benefits of Eating Fruit 1. Fruit is known to provide roughage and fiber which is vital in aiding your body in getting rid of waste (ALCOHOL) 2. FRESH FRUIT contains certain vitamins which are body needs to remain healthy 3. FRUIT contains a wide range of vitamins, such as A, C and E 4. Vitamins are important anti-oxidants which shield your body from any damage that might be caused by free radicals 5. Fruit gives you more energy (CARB) for exercising (I had to train that day in 100 degree Thailand weather) 6. Fruit increases your potential for fat loss and weight control – fruit was essential to my fat and weight loss (I lost 25lbs and maintain my ripped look) 7. The consumption of fruit plays a major role in our digestive tract 8. Fruit has the potential to slow down the age process (can you believe I’m 43 years old) BONUS TIP: Drink water all day so you can re-hydrate your dehydrated hung-over sorry ass butt!  

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