October 23, 2011


SPARTACUS OFFICIAL “BLOOD AND SAND” WORKOUT Official Spartacus Blood and Sand Workout – Starts 1:52 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest. Complete 3 rounds with 90 sec rest in between GOBLET SQUAT 2:05 MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS 2:34 SINGLE-ARM DUMBBELL SWING 3:00 T-PUSHUP WITH DUMBBELL 3:34 SPLIT JUMPS 4:06 DUMBBELL ROW 4:26 DUMBBELL SIDE LUNGE AND TOUCH 4:42 PUSHUP-POSITION ROW 5:18 DUMBBELL LUNGE AND ROTATION 5:40 DUMBBELL PUSH PRESS 6:10  


  1. Hey MTRA,
    It is a great workout, but your wish is my command. I am about launch the Free Spartacus Exclusive Bodyweight Workouts for Fat Loss – 5 videos plus 2 bonus videos that will destroy you! – Each workout has burpee enspired moves

  2. Funk
    Thanks for the work out video trying this tomorow .if its as hard as the others you have posted then i will need a sick bag hahaha!!! but well worth it with the results i have had doing them .thanks

  3. Funk my man, just wana say your approach to exercise for fat loss and maintaining lean muscle is awesome, as a trainer myself i use little equipment to train my clients and results and feedback are great.Anyway looking forward to the new spartacus 2.0 workouts mate!! also thinking of a training holiday to tiger camp thailand in 2012, do you recommend?

  4. Hi Funk,

    Firstly I’d like to know how much the dumbbells with which you shot this video weigh. Secondly, do you stimulate your abs enough if you do this routine? I would also like to know how many times per week you should to do this routine to get maximum value out of it.

    Thx in advance!!

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