September 27, 2011


FAT LOSS NUTRITION TIP: The most important meal of the day for you is the “Post Workout Meal”. After the workout, your body is in catabolism and starving for the carbohydrates and protein that it needs to recover and repair. This meal will start the recovery process quicker and keeps your fat burning metabolism going. I am not just talking about a protein shake, although protein is important at the post workout meal, you cannot forget about the carbohydrates. Your shake or meal should have 3-5 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein. (If the shake has 20g of protein, then you should have 60-100 grams of carbs, depending if you are female or male).
You must have this shake or meal under 60 minutes, post workout for optimal fat loss! Simple Carbs and Whey protein are your great choices. NOTE: If you work out at night, then a good Post Workout Meal in liquid form is perfect, as it is easy to digest and gives you the window to rest before you sleep. I use the Prograde Workout Formula, it was made for this purpose. DO NOT skip this important meal. Make sure you get this meal in after your workout and watch the fat melt off your body. Your Coach and Friend Funk Roberts P.S.  I just ordered two bottles of Prograde Nutrition for Angela and I, because we often train late and are not done until after 9:00pm. Prograde has the perfect carb/protein ratio for optimizing workouts and ensuring fat loss.  This meal was so important during my 8 Week Spartacus Transformation Progress

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